For as long as my memory can be able to recall, edamame, or young green soybeans has been the ultimate Asian snack. I remember growing as a child with my grandmother who ate several small bags of edamame each day. These were the black, red and white edamame. They’re one of the most versatile foods from Asia and an absolute favorite of every food critic. They’re now a global favorite, but their humble origins, when they were first consumed by Japanese farmers who grew them from paddy pods that were green are a fascinating tale.

There are many ways to cook and consume Edamame, similar to asking someone from England to cook their own baked beans recipe. However, what’s truly amazing is to simply pick a few fresh pods to eat with raw vegetables or as part of a delicious Asian-inspired meal. Fresh edamame is delicious since it is organic, pesticide-free and herbicide-free. They are a healthy snack that is brimming with nutrients. Just like their boxed cousins there are many different edamame products available all from Japan that include frozen and fresh products.

As we have already mentioned, Japan is the main supplier of green soybeans to other countries. However, even though they are one of the largest exporters of soybeans but it is actually the United States which gets the majority of the beans of the entire crop produced. What makes soybeans so popular in America? It’s not just rich in protein (which is vital if you want to build strong muscles), but it also has been proven to be excellent for lowering cholesterol, lowering the likelihood of heart disease, reducing the risk of developing cancer, and even helping you shed weight.

The nutritional content of green soybeans is high, making them a great option for those trying to shed weight or improve their nutrition. Due to their high levels of nutrition and moderate calories (which is perfect to maintain a healthy metabolism) They are simple to incorporate into your diet. In reality, eating edamame seeds or any form of green soybean is likely provide you the energy and the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis. There are many varieties and textures to pick from, and you won’t be disappointed with them. They will be fine as long as you are enjoying them.

It’s possible that you don’t have the time to visit your local grocery store or health food store to buy some edamame pods that you can enjoy at home. Making your own snack is a great idea if you are looking for an easy and quick snack idea. There are numerous recipes that you can try that make use of dried edamame pods or fresh edamame pods. Both come out delicious and nutritious. It’s amazing how fast these tiny snacks can become addictive. Make sure you track your snacks and snack consumption to avoid overdoing it.

For example, if you like a spicy, southwestern-style snack, you can incorporate some salsa, black beans pico de gallo, chopped cilantro and corn into your morning omelet. To make it more dense you can mix some pasta (long-grain or whole-wheat) as well as some bean seeds (red, green or purple) as well as some tomato salsa and some black pepper with some lemon juice or vinegar. Edamame For the outer shell, you can replace half of the bean pulp with tomato paste. You can add more salsa, tomatoes and vinegar to make it thicker. To prepare for the bean cravings, just mash the avocado and place it on the top of the meal. It is a fantastic source of protein-rich, healthy fats that are great for your heart. It also has a creamy, rich texture that is healthy and satisfying.

To serve, tear off a few pods, place them in the microwave, and cook until the beans are hot. Low fat skim milk is the best option for your preferred dip. Avoid ranch dressing. To maximize the nutritional value of your green soybeans you should crush the pods and then add any other ingredients. Then, eat the beans immediately. If desired, refrigerate leftovers for up to 2 days. They’ll keep forever, and they’re also great to replace tortilla chips with for those who want an alternative that is healthier and equally delicious snack.

Green soybean seeds can be utilized in a variety of soy products like tofu, edamame beans puddings, sauces, and salads. Green soybeans can be found at specialty food stores, health food shops and even online. You can even grow your own at home by setting up a an indoor, compact garden, or by purchasing hydroponic seed kits and then growing them yourself. Be sure to only harvest what you need, and always read the package instructions carefully. And enjoy!