Nominated for eight Academy Awards including Best Picture, Train to Busan is a psychological thriller/love-story/adventure about the unlikely friendship and romance between an American serviceman and a South Korean girl. Sung-ho Jeon (Kwon Sang-ho) is an American GI who lives in South Korea. Due to his trauma at the time of war and his frequent hospitalization, he often had to be admitted and had no friends. When he returns to the USA, he reconnects with Soon-hee (Kwon Suk-woo), a beautiful girl from his hometown. They are in love and soon become pen friends.

The film begins in the late 1980s. He meets her in an eatery and leaves to go home. He arrives at her home later that same day and they share a candlelight dinner together. Their friendship is strengthened when Soon-hee relates her past, and he talks to her about his experiences in the military. The two of them go to a restaurant later that night and Soon-hee becomes drunk. She requests him to drive her home.

The film follows their courtship, marriage and subsequent courtship. Sung-ho drives Soon-hee crazy with his endless questions about her background, life and love life. Park Myung-se who is the director of the Korea Railroad, soon catches him. He also harasses her with unwelcome thoughts about sex. Park takes Sung-ho into custody for trespassing along railroad tracks But Soon-hee’s father is determined to pursue charges due to the abuse of drugs and alcohol that Park inflicted on Soon-hee.

Park is sentenced for two years in prison, however he is allowed to serve a portion of the sentence in Geo jail. There, he makes friends with Baekmin, another Geo prisoner. Baek-min is attempting to flee from his crime but Park captures him and releases him after serving only a few months. While serving his sentence, Park becomes close friends with an inmate named Ah-joo. Soon, Ah-joo finds Park attractive and decides to assist Park escape the prison, but soon realizes that Park is returning to his criminal ways again. Park runs away, but is recaptured once again by Park’s ally, Hyung-joo. They are then brought back to the Geo Jail where Park reveals his plan to free the captured heads of the victims of the train accident.

Park then launches his plan to destroy heads and make them weapons against the criminals. moviefree8k Using his newly-acquired abilities, he creates a number of weapons such as a rocket launcher and a chainsaw with heavy-duty. He soon realizes that the villains also have weapons such as a handgun and an assault rifle. It appears that they’ve now become the unexpected and unbeatable force they were prior to.

Park then unleashes his plan to liberate the remaining prisoners by shooting laser beams out of his eyes at the criminals that are swarming along the prison walls. Park’s plan to free the remaining prisoners is complicated because the beam he releases creates an enormous explosion that causes injuries to both guards and criminals. The prison authorities quickly release the prisoners and escort them to their guard posts. The criminals however arrive just in time to witness the group of guards being killed one at a time.

Park then launches his next plan and aims to kill his rival, Kim, while he is on the move with his new weapon. Park doesn’t realize that his target is a police officer moving. Kim then shoots and kills a police officer , then escapes. Kim now has full control over the railroad company due to this success. The film concludes with a group of survivors trying to figure out a way to escape from the Geo jail. Meanwhile, Park is struggling to adjust to his new life after being rejected and shunning by his family and has decided to follow his dream to become director.

Based off of the successful Korean drama “Korean Railway Tigers” The film is another hit not only in Korea but across the world. The plot is excellent and the acting is excellent and the special effects are amazing. The film will be a huge success by 2021. It has all the ingredients to be a huge hit all over the world!